Privacy policy

Hollow Men is a market research company specializing exclusively in mystery shopping projects, thus enabling the assessment of the overall quality of the services a company provides. Mystery Shoppers are trained and instructed to behave just like any normal client, only they also have to observe everything that happens during their visit (the appearance of the location, the attitude, the aspect, the employees’ knowledge, etc.) without disclosing the true purpose of their visit. We help companies whose locations we assess to enhance their service standards, thus contributing to the overall enhancement of the services quality.

The website is owned by S.C. QUALITY KEY GRUP S.R.L. registered with the Trade Register Office under no J40/172/2010, tax identification number RO 26381138.

We collect your data in electronic format through the forms available on and in physical format, by means of the contracts we conclude.

The collection of the data is intended at meeting the condition regarding the parties identity, necessary to conclude a contract and to verify the eligibility for a project. In order to make the payment corresponding to the service provided and to meet the legal obligations under the Tax Code in force (as the case may be, for example: Personal Identification Number - PIN, date and place of birth, home address / residence, address of the company you represent, the identification and contact data of this company, data related to the personal or the company bank account to fill in the invoices needed for the payment of a service, etc.).

In these situations, if the supplied data is subject to amendment during the collaboration, please inform us as soon as possible, these changes being likely to impact on the legal documents which the specific collaboration is based on.

If no other request, we store the supplied information throughout the collaboration and for 2 years since its termination.

The physical storage is conducted using the secured archive of the company and the electronic archive in an encrypted format using the website platform.

According to the legislation in force on the personal data protection, you have the following rights:

To be informed on the processing of personal data;

To have free of charge access to the data provided, pursuant to a written request, dated and signed, scanned and sent in electronic format from the email address provided by you in the contact form. In this request, please specify the information you want to know and how this should be communicated to you (via email or at a specific address via a mailing service that guarantees personal delivery);

To update the data provided (correct it or supplement it, as appropriate) so that it reflects reality and does not cause you any harm;

To be “forgotten” or to have your data cleared from SC QUALITY KEY GRUP SRL database at your request, whenever you think these data are used for non-legitimate purposes, if they have met the purpose for which they had been collected or if you are no longer interested in receiving information from us;

To object to the storage, processing, and the use of your personal data for other purposes than the ones mentioned in this document;

To restrict and to be informed, respectively, if your personal data are to be transmitted to a third party, and to object to this if you do not agree;

To request data portability, or, if applicable, to transmit it to another data operator, without any financial obligation on your part, in an accurate and universally technical compatible format;

Not to be subject to a unilateral decision on the use of these data other than those mentioned in this document without being informed on and without requesting your consent;

To submit a complaint to The National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing (NSAPDP) or to address to other certified bodies in this field.

For the observance of these legal provisions, Hollow Men undertakes to manage all data and information received from their visitors. For details on the information you have provided us and we hold about you, please contact the Data Protection Officer, Gratiela Neagu at: