Frequently asked questions mystery shoppers

1Who can become a mystery shopper?

Any person over the age of 18 can become a mystery shopper. To become a mystery shopper, you must possess a developed sense of observation, orientation to details, discretion, fairness, punctuality, good communication skills and good organizational skills.

2What technical facilities do you need to become a mystery shopper?

- access to the Internet;

- personal e-mail address for correspondence, to receive forms and working instructions;

- mobile phone;

3How much does a mystery shopper earn?

Each mystery shopper is paid after every visit they make. The mystery shopper is paid per visit, for each separate project. If a mystery shopper completes the visits successfully, they will be requested to take part in as many projects as possible and will have the opportunity to earn substantial income.

4What must a mystery shopper do in a project?

Once the project execution details are set, our company will select from the database the mystery shoppers that fall under the required profile for that particular project. The mystery shoppers selected from the database will be contacted and be presented with the working conditions for that project. The mystery shoppers showing interest will benefit from a training/formation program where the project and the work method will be explained to them and they will be given the materials required.

The mystery shoppers must make the visits assigned to them and fill out in our online system the forms provided by the Hollow Men project coordinator, for validation purposes. For each validated form, which is filled out correctly, the mystery shopper will be paid. In certain cases, mystery shoppers can be rewarded with free purchases from the stores that they visit, free restaurant dinners, etc.

Since every project has its particularities, the working procedures may vary from project to project.

5How do I become a mystery shopper?

As mystery shoppers, you become members of the Hollow Men team, the unseen satellites that collect information from the field which is so necessary for our partners.

We have developed for our mystery shoppers a motivational system by which we encourage them to make visits with utmost seriousness and by which we reward performance.

You can get ready for a career in market research by joining the Hollow Men mystery shopper team.

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